Digital Transformation

Through strategic, organization-wide opportunity analysis, Spire’s digital transformation services help our clients instill the culture, processes, and technologies to remain efficient, competitive, and innovative in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

Lean Product Development

Build. Measure. Learn. Spire’s methodology for assessing risk, shipping fast, and rapidly iterating has changed the game for entrepreneurs, “intrapreneurs,” early stage ventures, and Fortune 500 product teams alike.

Innovation Labs

Spire’s Innovation Lab utilizes customer research, facilitated experimentation, and rapid prototyping to discover, define, and model new product and service opportunities for established companies looking to disrupt the disruptors.

Agile Process Optimization

Focusing on roles, responsibilities, throughput, quality, and “flow”, Spire’s team of Agile experts coach product delivery and executive teams on the SpireLean methodology, unlocking their ability to ship fast and often.

Customer Experience Research

By ‘getting out of the office’, Spire’s experience research team provides powerful insights to product development initiatives by understanding customer problems and desires, specifically how they perceive, interact with, and derive value (or don’t) from the products and services they use everyday.

Data Science Consulting

With intellectual curiosity, the scientific method, and an innate ability to synthesize disparate data sources, Spire’s team of data scientists have helped some of the world’s most important organizations build and deploy AI systems into production.

User Experience Design / UX Design

Born from both a deep understanding of the user and a penchant for relentless testing, Spire’s user experience team combines intuition with data and best practices to create usable, useful, and, dare we say, delightful experiences.

User Interface Design / UI Design

From healthcare logistics to finance, from the defense industry to energy, Spire’s interaction designers solve design’s most complex problems, bringing effective user interfaces to B2C, B2B, and B2E markets.

Usability Testing & Research

As a part of custom application design and build or as a standalone service, Spire’s research team tests and measures the efficacy of user experiences and interfaces, offering data and tactics to improve productivity or brand perception or to decrease error rates and cognitive load.

Web Design

Spire’s design sprints and workshops combine customer interviews, feature ranking, rapid prototyping, and user experience testing to produce vetted, functional, and production-ready designs in one and two week cycles.

Software Design

Spire designs and architects software applications and digital ecosystems that drive tangible business results.

Mobile App Design

Beyond native apps, Spire also designs responsive web apps and sites using grid frameworks. In doing so, we’re not just designing desktop views, but also creating designs that scale to tablet and mobile views.

Design Thinking

Spire’s consultants instill the practices, tactics, and culture of design thinking that enable organizations to solve complex problems and create valuable, lasting solutions for their customers.

Information Architecture

As businesses grow and audiences become more diverse, the need to contain and organize vast amounts of content becomes increasingly important. Spire’s information architects help large organizations define a strategy to funnel the right personas to the right content easily and effectively.

Custom Software Development

From enterprise application development to CMS-powered websites, Spire’s developers pride themselves on writing elegant, modular, well-documented, responsive code with speed and expertise in a diverse array of stacks, platforms, and frameworks.

Native Mobile Development

Whether developing for native iOS, Android, or cross-platform solutions, the mobile development team at Spire helps enterprise organizations and startups create and implement a mobile strategy and execution plan that suits their business needs and gets products to market quickly.

Web Services / API Development

Spire’s development team are experts in decoupling monolithic applications for stability and extensibility as well as creating public APIs and key management practices for service-oriented applications.


Spire has been developing with emerging technologies since CSS2 was considered a game changer. These days, whether Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Bots, or BlockChain, Spire’s practitioners are always on the leading edge, integrating the latest and greatest technologies where they make sense.


Spire's experience has put us at the forefront of smart homes, buildings, cities, and vehicles, as well as smart asset monitoring, logistics, and fleet management.


Leveraging deep experience in architecture and the design of physical spaces, Spire’s digital product design and development teams appreciate the nuances of working in three dimensions.


At Spire, we’re helping companies build and intelligently automate conversational interfaces that enhance the customer experience while driving self-service.


From concepts, ideation, and design to full stack development to dApp programming, Spire Digital provides our clients and partners with a trusted technical voice outside the echochamber hype of ICOs and #crypotwitter.

Devops, QA, Automation

Spire’s system administrators, Docker engineers, and QA testers help our clients spin up, migrate, configure, and manage cloud instances, develop the processes, tools, and environments for large scale development and continuous deployment, as well as consult and implement automated testing and QA best practices, ensuring “done” means “done.”

Staff Augmentation / IT Staffing

Over the years, Spire has employed, contracted, and partnered with some of the best and brightest tech talent in the country. Our roster of practitioners is deep, and covers a broad spectrum of skills and expertise. As a result Spire has an unparalleled ability to source and place valuable individuals and teams to meet the demands of our clients with the support of our proven infrastructure.